Who is the Most Effective Salesperson?

In my life, I’ve often been called a great salesman. I’ve put myself in position to sell all kinds of things: technology, insurance, education—you name it, I’ve sold it! But here’s the secret to my success in sales: I don’t sell anybody anything. Never have. Never will. I’ve found that the most effective salesperson is…

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Treating Customers Right

No matter what business you are in, you have to always put the customer first. Think like a customer, and look for ways to provide real value to your customers. And that also means treating your customers the way you would like to be treated if the situation were reversed. As a small business, it’s…

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Provide Relevant Benefits to Your Customers

You get your customers to come back more often to buy more and occasionally pay more by constantly providing them with relevant benefits (through your products, your service, and the total customer experience with your business) that are differentiated from all competitive options. That’s it. That’s how to succeed in business. Relevant needs drive half…

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Consultant’s Corner: Business Name and Domain Name Change

Question: What is the best way to transition from our existing domain/company name to a new one? There are several things to consider when transitioning from one company and domain name to another. Business Name Change A business that changes its name can notify the IRS of the name change by following the procedures described…

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How to Write a Sales Script That Won’t Annoy Your Customers

Sales scripts get a pretty bad rap because they are so closely related to cold calling, and cold calling is annoying. (Ever notice how it seems to always happen during dinnertime?) But these scripts can actually be pretty useful, as long as they’re written and used the right way. Prompts are great for getting new…

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The Power of Recurring Revenue

In the late 1980s, I discovered infomercials. Bill Guthy and Greg Renker started Guthy-Renker in California after they got the idea for creating and running infomercials, and even though I had no idea what an infomercial was at the time, I joined them. We started out by doing an infomercial with Tony Robbins—the first infomercial…

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The Art of Friendly Networking

If you can recall being on the playground, meeting a new playmate on a jungle gym, and being able to make an instant friend on the spot as a child, you can understand the appeal of networking in a business sense with those already close to the heart. Just as easy as it was to…

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Consultant’s Corner: Motivating Salespeople

Question: We are a base pay + commission compensation company that has been in business 5 years. What is an effective way of motivating employees to understand that they are not cost effective until they generate 5 times their pay? While it is important for workers to experience transparency in their company and understand where…

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Consultant’s Corner: Drip Marketing

Question: How can I keep my customers engaged during a 1-2 year sales cycle? Certainly, one of the greatest challenges in sales is keeping the potential customer engaged with your company throughout the sales cycle. If you don’t keep your company and its product/service on the forefront of the consumer’s mind throughout the sales cycle,…

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Keeping the Entrepreneurial Spirit Alive

As any business ages and grows, it will change. You don’t always do things the same way you did as a startup. The quest for innovation and new approaches to problems often gradually give way to a focus on incremental improvements and doing what you’ve always done, just a little bit better. This problem is…

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