The Power of Bootstrapping

I’ve learned a lot from failure. One of the biggest lessons came from one of my earliest businesses. After a couple years in professional football, with a motley assortment of jobs in the offseason, I wanted to go out and start my own business. I worked with a close friend of mine to think through…

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4 Reasons Corporations Are Attractive to Investors

Every new, and established alike, business needs some investors to get their venture off the ground. Without the initial funding, there would be a lot of startups that would never even get to see their first year in business. A small business will need money all throughout its lifetime to stay afloat, but it’s the first batch of…

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Start Your Business with Value

When you start a business, the first thing you have to have is a product or service that solves problems for people. You have to have something that people actually want, that they can use. Once you have that, you have to provide people with great value. Many businesses that find themselves leading the way…

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How To Form a Non-Profit Business

If you’re looking to form a non-profit corporation, there are several important steps for you to follow. Incorporating a non-profit corporation is often similar to a for-profit corporation, but there are some differences to be aware of. Here are some general guidelines for incorporating a non-profit. Pre-Incorporation Matters Prior to incorporation, you should have a…

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Consultant’s Corner: 15 Reasons to Write a Business Plan

Question: I have been in business for a year. Is it worth my while to prepare a business plan since I am not borrowing money? The two basic purposes of a business plan are to raise funding and effectively plan new business ventures. Below is a list of 15 common reasons, including the first two…

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How to Build a Productivity Strategy

In any small business, there is a mountain of tasks that need to be done—some right now, some yesterday, and some down the road. Some are critically important; some would be nice but are not essential. Some are things only one person can do; some can be done by anyone on the team. To help…

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8 Tips for Startup Success

If you’re anything like most entrepreneurs, you love the idea of the startup. It’s always an exciting time to be in the startup phase of a new business. However, this can also be a very volatile time, as it really matters how you make use of your resources. Here are a few tips for startup…

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Consultant’s Corner: LP vs. LLP

Q. Is an LP the same as an LLP? If not, what are the advantages and disadvantages of each entity? LP stands for Limited Partnership, while LLP stands for Limited Liability Partnership. The two structures are very different from purpose, governance, and legal liability perspectives: Limited Partnership (LP) LPs are commonly used for long-term real…

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The 4 Best Ways to Maintain a Business Partnership

Starting a business all on your own can prove to be one of the more difficult occupation paths to take on. Thankfully, new entrepreneurs will find that the more people they add to their team from investors to employees and partners, the easier it is to run a business. Partners make for a wonderful business asset for…

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