How Long Does It Take to File for a DBA?

That old cliché about time being money has a magical way of creeping into so many of these types of posts, doesn’t it? Even if you don’t judge every minute of your life by the amount of money you could be making, you still probably want to know how long it will take to file…

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How to Push Through Doubt When Starting a Business

Optimism keeps growing with small business owners. The overall index is up +136, according to the latest quarterly Wells Fargo/Gallup Small Business Index survey conducted in Q3 of 2019. It’s a slight uptick from Q2, which was at +129. However, all upticks that are on the up and up are measures of owners’ present and…

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Consultant’s Corner: Consolidating Business Loans

Question: Can I get a loan for consolidating business loans together, and how do I go about applying for them? Checking with your current lender or lenders would be the first place to inquire about the availability of and requirements for a consolidation loan. Provided that your business is financially stable and generating sufficient cash…

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4 Essential Elements of a Business Plan

A well thought out business plan is critical to the success of any new venture. The business plan not only identifies the goals of your business, but it also will outline the plans to execute those goals. It tells you both where you want to go as well as how you are planning to get…

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Consultant’s Corner: Filing a Patent

Question: I’d like to file a patent. How do I perform a patent search and complete the process of filing a patent? Patent Basics A patent for a product or business process invention is the grant of a property right to the inventor. Patent protection prevents others from using a product or business process invention…

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How Big is the Market?

One of the key questions that any investor or lender is going to ask you is how big your market is. Market size is an important factor in the long-term success of a business. The main issue at stake is how many potential customers are out there who might be interested in buying your product or service.…

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Is It Time to Incorporate in Another State?

Some businesses use the summer months to kick back and relax after all their hard work in Q1. Others spend these laidback months strategizing their initiatives for the remaining year. For some startups, their next move might be to literally move—with plans to expand their business and incorporate in another state. Incorporating in another state…

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Consultant’s Corner: Forming a General Partnership

Question: I am ready to start a business with a partner. What steps should I take? You can review information for forming a General Partnership at state and legal websites; however, these are the general steps required for formation of this entity type: Choose a business name File a trade name Draft and sign a…

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Startup? Don’t Forget These 4 Areas

The final phase of starting a new business involves several administrative matters. With the business entity formed and registered, the physical facility ready, the new business owner must address outside professional support: banking, insurances, accounting and tax systems, and staffing. Some of these administrative elements significantly impact the financial health and management efficiency of the…

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