How Asking Questions Leads to Success

I have often said that I have never had an original idea. I can’t speak for anyone else, but in my life everything I’ve learned has come from what I see, what I hear, and what I read. But above all, I like to learn from watching and listening, so I make a point of…

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6 Traits of a Great Leader

Great business leaders don’t merely reach their goals of achieving growth within an organization; they carry themselves in a way that garners the respect of those around them. By observing great leaders, we can gain a better understanding of what it takes to emulate their success. I’ve put together a list of 6 traits that…

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5 Manager-isms All Good Bosses Should Avoid

Business management is plagued with stereotypes. Managers are portrayed or seen as incompetent, aloof, or out of touch with the office. Just look at Lumbergh from Office Space, or the Pointy-Haired Boss in Dilbert. Now, for the most part, these are just caricatures of the worst traits in managers and bosses, but there is a…

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Why Relationships Matter

The most important thing in my life has been the value of relationships. The most important thing in my business life? All about relationships. In my athletic life? All about relationships. In my family life? All about relationships. If you don’t have great relationships on your football team, in your family, school, or business, then…

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Be an Open Door Leader

Many leaders work hard and do all the right things to reach the top—only to make a huge mistake that undoes so much of that work. They close the door. What does that mean? Well, a big part of achieving success in the first place is constantly learning new things and working with others to…

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What’s the Best Way to Exit a Leadership Role?

In a stunning move on Tuesday April 9th, NBA legend Magic Johnson announced he was stepping down as president of the Los Angeles Lakers in an impromptu press conference. His exit has since been met with a mix of criticism and praise from the press and fans. Johnson further defended his controversial decision in an…

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How Habits Lead to Organizational Efficiency

Whether you lay out detailed instructions for the daily duties of your employees or you prefer to take a more free-rein approach to management, it’s extremely important that your employees develop the right habits. Here are a few steps to follow that promote maximum efficiency within an organization through habitual processes. Identify Necessary Procedures Start…

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3 Things Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Corporate Resolutions

Not to be confused with New Year’s resolutions, corporate resolutions are official documents that record formal decisions and actions approved by your board of directors (or members, if you run an LLC) on behalf of the company. If you’ve been tasked with putting these documents together and have never done so before, take a moment…

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Scrambling and the Refusal to Accept Defeat

When I was preparing to enter the NFL in 1961, I was 6’0”, 185 pounds, and a third-round draft choice. The reason I was taken in the third round was because they didn’t think I was good enough to play. If you play quarterback at a big school like the University of Georgia and you’re…

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