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Business Mentoring


Best of Mentoring: Mark Murphy on Early Detection

In his mentoring series, Mark Murphy shares the secrets to effective leadership, with an emphasis on small and medium sized businesses. He talks about building a team of people who are both productive and healthy for the company culture, getting beyond seeing leadership as just motivational speaking, and more. In this session, he and Fran…

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Best of Mentoring: Doug Haugh on Pursuing Your Mission

In his mentoring series, Doug Haugh talks about problem solving in business, discussing how his background in engineering has impacted the way he approaches his business career. They discuss topics such as keeping a business relevant, getting feedback, and approaching challenges. In this session, Fran and Doug talk about how to connect your personal mission…

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Best of Mentoring: Atlanta Beer Tours on Key Business Relationships

In their mentoring series, Dan Fontaine and Aaron Rolka of Atlanta Beer Tours shared how they bootstrapped their business from a personal passion up to a viable business. They talk about the development of the idea, affordable startup marketing strategies, and more. In this session, Dan and Aaron talk with Fran about the most important…

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Best of Mentoring: Jonathan Pascual on Profitability

In his mentoring series, Jonathan Pascual shares how he prepared to open his business, learning about his industry, getting connected with his community, and finding ways to fund his business and achieve profitability. In this session, he talks with Fran about the journey to profitability, and how a business can plan and prepare for the…

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Best of Mentoring: Goodwipes on Fun and Business

Sam Nebel and Charlie Siciak of Goodwipes spend their mentoring series sharing the story of starting and growing their company in today’s retail world. In this session, they talk with Fran about how running your own business is an opportunity—and a lot of fun. They are looking for ways to grow the company and keep…

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Best of Mentoring: Jim Flannery on Startup Incubators

In Jim Flannery’s mentoring series, he shares important tips for new startups and business owners, helping them get into position to succeed. In this session, he and Fran discuss how startup incubators help entrepreneurs, whether they’re students or older entrepreneurs starting a second career, and no matter what stage the business is at. Watch this…

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Best of Mentoring: Dave Crenshaw on Your Most Valuable Position

Dave Crenshaw shares advice for focusing and maximizing your productivity in his mentoring series. By making the best use of your own time and learning how to prioritize the most important things for you to do, more gets done. In this session, he talks about identifying your “Most Valuable Position.” The more time you spend…

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Best of Mentoring: Yvonne Tocquigny on an Appetite for Change

Over the course of her mentoring series, Yvonne Tocquigny shares her business story from humble beginnings to a long-running successful agency to the difficult decision to sell her business. In this session, Yvonne and Fran discuss how an appetite for change kept her looking forward and ready to overcome the many challenges and changes in…

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Best of Mentoring: Jennifer Osbon on Social Media Planning

In her mentoring series, Jennifer Osbon uses her experience and expertise in digital marketing to teach small business owners how to get started with digital marketing, particularly on social media. She and Fran discuss how these technologies have developed and what you should do getting started, identifying the right platforms. In this session, Jennifer talks…

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