How to Keep Your Customer Service Sizzling All Summer Long

For many businesses, summers tend to move slowly. The days are longer, the weather is nicer, and most businesses report experiencing a lull during the hotter months. While that’s not necessarily bad, it can still affect how a business runs. Since the end of September marks the end of the fiscal year, having a slower…

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Can You Ask Questions About Salary History?

Do you live in one of the states or localities that have banned salary history questions during the hiring and/or salary negotiation processes? Already, 7 states have laws in place, and there are many more states looking at similar legislation. If you live in one of these areas, it’s important to be fully up-to-date on…

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Take Care of ALL Your Customers

Which customers do you want to keep doing business with? We often look at some customers as better than others. Maybe they do business with us more often, or they spend more when they buy, or maybe they’re just easier to do business with, in general. Your most loyal customers might have emotional connections with…

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Consultant’s Corner: Home-Based Business Insurance

Question: Would our homeowner’s insurance cover the entire inventory of our home-based business, or do we need additional insurance? In our experience, it is unlikely that your existing homeowner’s insurance policy covers any of your business assets or liabilities, particularly significant amounts. You would have to speak with your homeowner’s insurance agent to determine if…

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Friday 5 for May 17th, 2019

What Do LLCs Need to Know About Operating Agreements? By Deborah Sweeney A written operating agreement gives your LLC structure, defines the roles and responsibilities of its members, and outlines regulations for necessary business procedures. These may otherwise… Read article What to Do When You Hire Seasonal Employees By ADP Many small businesses rely on…

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What to Do When You Hire Seasonal Employees

Many small businesses rely on seasonal employees to handle increased work demand during specific parts of the year. If your business is among them, are you following best practices to take care of those employees, keep your business in legal compliance, and increase the return rate of your seasonal employees? Our blog team has put…

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Operationalizing a Customer Service Culture

Building the ideal corporate culture doesn’t happen by chance. If you are a leader of a company or organization and you want to instill a customer service culture, how do you make it happen? To become a customer-centric company requires first building an employee-centric workplace. If you want your customers to be amazed—and loyal, and refer their family…

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What Do LLCs Need to Know About Operating Agreements?

What comes next after an entrepreneur forms an LLC for their startup? Small business owners may prioritize registering for a trademark or filing for an employer identification number (EIN) next. If you already have obtained these assets, it’s time to look into preparing an operating agreement for your business. What’s An Operating Agreement? An operating…

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How Asking Questions Leads to Success

I have often said that I have never had an original idea. I can’t speak for anyone else, but in my life everything I’ve learned has come from what I see, what I hear, and what I read. But above all, I like to learn from watching and listening, so I make a point of…

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