Enlist Vendors for Marketing Help

As a small business owner, you’re always looking for an edge. When it comes to marketing, you look for efficiency and effectiveness—whatever will bring you the highest return on investment. There’s one area where many businesses don’t think to look, though: vendors. Getting marketing help from your vendors can dramatically help your business and bring…

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Don’t Make the Wrong Partnership: Assume Nothing

How do you know whether someone is going to be a good partner or not? It’s not enough to go by someone’s prestige—there are plenty of examples of prominent figures who turned out to be bad partners. It’s not enough to be a nice guy. So what do you look for? I believe in the…

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Consultant’s Corner: Planning a Price Increase

Question: I’d like to re-evaluate my pricing schedule, but I am not sure how much to increase my prices. Where can I get a start on understanding the pricing game? Competitive prices are critical in order to maintain customers and market share; however, you still need to maintain adequate profit margins and profitability. We do…

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Campbell’s Soup Trademarks Chunky: Why It’s A Great Move For The Brand

After years of association, the word “chunky” is now a trademark of the Campbell Soup Company. Campbell’s filed a trademark application to trademark ‘chunky’ in 2018 with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The USPTO approved the request, giving Campbell’s “exclusive right to use the mark on, or in connection with, the goods/services…

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Consultant’s Corner: Cold Calling Techniques

Question: What is business etiquette concerning cold calling and how often to follow-up with a prospect if they do not give you a time? How should you toe the line between checking in and being annoying? Cold calling can involve phone calls to set appointments or cold call visits to prospects to have a sales…

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Consultant’s Corner: How Much Should You Budget for Marketing?

Q: How much should I budget for my marketing costs? General Marketing Expense Ratios For established businesses, the general guideline for a marketing budget is a percentage of sales. However, for a startup business with no sales history, the considerations are: What marketing methods are identified in a business plan? What marketing methods will be…

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Consultant’s Corner: 15 Reasons to Write a Business Plan

Question: I have been in business for a year. Is it worth my while to prepare a business plan since I am not borrowing money? The two basic purposes of a business plan are to raise funding and effectively plan new business ventures. Below is a list of 15 common reasons, including the first two…

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Why Case Studies Matter For Small Businesses

Over the last couple months, I have been focusing on speaking with our customers to create more case studies for internal use. These case studies showcase success stories and overcoming challenges from ordinary small businesses that incorporated with us. Would it be strange to say I’m having a blast working on these? Because I am!…

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8 Tips for Startup Success

If you’re anything like most entrepreneurs, you love the idea of the startup. It’s always an exciting time to be in the startup phase of a new business. However, this can also be a very volatile time, as it really matters how you make use of your resources. Here are a few tips for startup…

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Consultant’s Corner: Marketing Plans for Financial Advisors

Q. What are the best marketing strategies for financial advisors? Financial advisors and similar professionals use customer referrals, local Chamber networking, other professional networking, lead groups, direct mail, newsletters, a business website, social media networking websites, direct sales, and other methods. The best marketing plan will be the one that effectively reaches your defined target…

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