Consultant’s Corner: Search Engine Rankings

Q. We recently created a website for our business, but it is not showing up whenever we search for our business name on search engines. What can we do to improve our search engine rankings? Timing For a new website, it is important to note that it is can take a few weeks for search…

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Stop Waiting for the Perfect Time

Many “wantrepreneurs” miss out on success because they let opportunities pass them by. They are waiting for the “perfect time.” My idea isn’t quite ready, they say. Or, the time just isn’t right. Maybe, I need to wait for something else to happen first. I don’t have any idea what a perfect time is to…

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4 Essential Elements of a Business Plan

A well thought out business plan is critical to the success of any new venture. The business plan not only identifies the goals of your business, but it also will outline the plans to execute those goals. It tells you both where you want to go as well as how you are planning to get…

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Consultant’s Corner: Drip Marketing

Question: How can I keep my customers engaged during a 1-2 year sales cycle? Certainly, one of the greatest challenges in sales is keeping the potential customer engaged with your company throughout the sales cycle. If you don’t keep your company and its product/service on the forefront of the consumer’s mind throughout the sales cycle,…

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Keeping the Entrepreneurial Spirit Alive

As any business ages and grows, it will change. You don’t always do things the same way you did as a startup. The quest for innovation and new approaches to problems often gradually give way to a focus on incremental improvements and doing what you’ve always done, just a little bit better. This problem is…

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Actively Finding Customers

Somewhere along the line, the process of gaining customers became more about attracting customers rather than actively finding them. “Build it and they will come” is an awesome ideal for small businesses, but there comes a point when you’ll need to get your hands dirty and seek out some customers on your own. So where…

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Enlist Vendors for Marketing Help

As a small business owner, you’re always looking for an edge. When it comes to marketing, you look for efficiency and effectiveness—whatever will bring you the highest return on investment. There’s one area where many businesses don’t think to look, though: vendors. Getting marketing help from your vendors can dramatically help your business and bring…

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Don’t Make the Wrong Partnership: Assume Nothing

How do you know whether someone is going to be a good partner or not? It’s not enough to go by someone’s prestige—there are plenty of examples of prominent figures who turned out to be bad partners. It’s not enough to be a nice guy. So what do you look for? I believe in the…

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Consultant’s Corner: Planning a Price Increase

Question: I’d like to re-evaluate my pricing schedule, but I am not sure how much to increase my prices. Where can I get a start on understanding the pricing game? Competitive prices are critical in order to maintain customers and market share; however, you still need to maintain adequate profit margins and profitability. We do…

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Campbell’s Soup Trademarks Chunky: Why It’s A Great Move For The Brand

After years of association, the word “chunky” is now a trademark of the Campbell Soup Company. Campbell’s filed a trademark application to trademark ‘chunky’ in 2018 with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The USPTO approved the request, giving Campbell’s “exclusive right to use the mark on, or in connection with, the goods/services…

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