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Book Reviews

Book Review: The Convenience Revolution, by Shep Hyken

People love convenience. If you’re ever wondering what’s going to happen in a given situation, the path of least resistance is often your best bet. Convenience, and minimizing resistance (friction), is the subject of Shep Hyken’s newest book, The Convenience Revolution. We also reviewed Shep’s previous book, Be Amazing or Go Home, which presented habits…

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Book Review: Co-Create, by David Nour

You have to disrupt yourself, or else someone else is going to disrupt your business for you. That’s a consistent theme that David Nour, growth strategist and author of the best-seller Relationship Economics, hits again and again in his newest book, Co-Create. And it’s so true! In my life, I’ve found that it’s whenever I…

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Book Review: Be Amazing or Go Home, by Shep Hyken

Shep Hyken’s latest book, Be Amazing or Go Home, comes with a dramatic backstory. One of Shep’s employees suddenly developed a problem with tardiness, and general lackluster performance. After several conversations, things came to a head in a conversation where Shep reminded the employee of the company’s mantra: “Always Be Amazing!” After the employee acknowledged…

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Book Review: The Growth Dilemma by Ami Kassar

“Have you ever met an entrepreneur who is happy with their lot? Most entrepreneurs I work with are always pushing for their companies to grow and get bigger. At the same time, they struggle with decisions about how big they want to become, how much money to reinvest, and how to go about it. They…

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