Book Review: Be Amazing or Go Home, by Shep Hyken

Shep Hyken’s latest book, Be Amazing or Go Home, comes with a dramatic backstory. One of Shep’s employees suddenly developed a problem with tardiness, and general lackluster performance. After several conversations, things came to a head in a conversation where Shep reminded the employee of the company’s mantra: “Always Be Amazing!” After the employee acknowledged she was not meeting that standard, Shep said, “I think we’ve reached the point where you have one of two choices: You can be Amazing…or go home.”

The employee immediately recognized the power of the phrase, and suggested it as the title for a new book. After all, if we’re not doing what we aim to do—be amazing—then why are we here?

The end result is this new book, in which Shep offers 7 customer service habits to build in yourself, your team, and your business that drive greater success. Each habit is aimed at delivering an aspect of “Amazing Customer Service,” which is at the core of Shep’s philosophy. He defines Amazing Customer Service this way: “Amazement is a predictable and consistent above-average experience. It’s a sequence of Moments of Magic consistent enough to inspire confidence in our customers, our colleagues, and just about everyone else we encounter.”

Being amazing, then, isn’t about grand gestures; it’s about small, achievable ways to better than average, every step along the way, with every customer. And that shapes the rest of the book, as Shep looks at each of the 7 customer service habits he identifies. For each habit, he further breaks it down into 5 different aspects, featuring personal stories, positive and negative examples, and key takeaways. These granular lessons are quick reads, and provide you with food for thought on how you can apply the mini-lesson to your own business.

Be Amazing or Go Home is a fun read, a practical teacher, and a guide for a new way to look at customer service. You can find Be Amazing or Go Home on Amazon, where the Kindle edition is just $0.99!

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Edwin Bevens

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