Announcing the New GoSmallBiz Assurance Membership!

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Welcome the feeling of having peace of mind. The GoSmallBiz Assurance Membership was expertly crafted to meet the compliance needs of your small business.  

State laws and regulations for businesses are ever-changing and challenging to navigate. Our Assurance Membership allows you to take control of protecting your business today to ensure a more secure future.  

How does our Assurance Membership keep you compliant? 

ComplyBright Employee Training  

Providing consistent training to your staff is essential for ensuring legal compliance, managing risks, promoting employee development, and fostering a positive workplace culture. 

Stay up to date with essential employee training topics (including state-mandated trainings) with ComplyBright, our newest platform for employer- and employee-based learning. Our library of professionally presented and produced video-based courses includes Sexual Harassment Prevention training, Cybersecurity training, and more! Get your first 10 user licenses included in our Assurance Membership. Additional licenses are available for purchase if needed. 

Tax Consultations 

It’s difficult and often overwhelming to seek out tax advice. Our tax experts are here to assist you with tax planning and unlimited phone consultations! Get assistance with IRS audits, discounted tax preparation and more!  

Corporate Minutes Tracker 

Did you know that tracking corporate minutes for formal meetings is legally required in most states? Beyond legal requirements, minutes also serve as a reference point for attendees to recall what was discussed. This helps hold participants accountable for their commitments and ensures that tasks are completed as agreed upon. Don’t wait! Keep yourself compliant and organized with our powerful Manage My Minutes tool! 

Legal Services and Legal Forms  

Your membership includes access to a nationwide network of more than 20,000 attorneys. Get select legal services for free, and any additional services come at a 40% discount from the attorney’s hourly rate, just for being in our network! Our attorney referral service makes it more convenient than ever to contact an attorney for legal support. 

Looking for a business or legal form? Delve into our document library and let our wizard tool assist you in creating the document you need. You will find templates for some of the most common contracts, including Independent Contractor agreements, Waivers, Licensing Agreements, and more. It’s never been this easy to create a document from start to finish! Once you have created the document, utilize your document review benefit and get it checked by an attorney in the network to ensure it’s legally binding.  

The Assurance Membership includes all of these features for just $69 per month, or $699 for an annual membership ($129 savings!). Get started with the Assurance Membership today to give your business the protection it needs. With GoSmallBiz on your side, you’re ready to tackle any challenge! 

GoSmallBiz offers small business consulting, CEO advice, and an extensive online learning center for small businesses and entrepreneurs. The mission of is simple – to improve the lives of its customers and give them a better chance at success. The GoSmallBiz business specialists have hundreds of years of combined business experience in both private and public companies, and represent all major industries and professions, including CPAs and specialists in finance, sales, marketing, HR, IT, and operations.