Making a Successful Pivot

Many entrepreneurs come up with multiple ideas, and it can be a challenge to negotiate changing visions. Michael Tavani, the founder and CEO of Switchyards in Atlanta, GA, shares the story of how he and his company changed their business model to keep the company growing. 

Tavani started with a question: “What is it that’s really interesting about Switchyards, other than this one building in Downtown Atlanta?” he asked. “What else could we do? 

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, he identified people wanting to work away from the office as a rising trend, and launched a new initiative to put Switchyards working spaces in residential neighborhoods. 

“Some startups launch,” he says, “where every idea has a new brand name, a new domain name, a new email address. There was a lot of brand equity built into Switchyards” – so a pivot to adapt the model was the clear choice. 

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