Adding an Appointment Form to Your Website

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While the COVID-19 pandemic has imposed many short-term changes on businesses, some of the changes to customer preferences are likely to be long-lasting. People have come to expect a higher degree of convenience and comfort, along with secure options to meet. 

And then there are always the clients who prefer to meet in-person instead of virtually, which has been complicated by health and safety rules. Providing customers an effortless way to set up an appointment for them to be seen in person is a must for navigating those challenges. Or if your business offers a service that requires booking time with you or your team, implementing an online appointment form will help you keep organized, efficient, and safe.  

Though there are many options available, picking one that works can be difficult. An easy-to-use tool is Wufoo, an online form builder that allows for hassle-free appointment form creation and, even better, integrates easily with your GoSmallBiz Website Builder. To add the smooth appointment form widget to your website, follow the steps below: 

Creating the Form  

You’ll need to create a form first in order to add this to your website. Begin by visiting Wufoo’s website to commence the process of generating a form. 

  1. Create Wufoo account here or log in to existing Wufoo account here.  
  1. Once logged in, click Create New Form.  
  1. Click Use a Template.  
  1. Search for the “appointment form” template.  
  1. Hover over “Office Appointment Booking and Scheduling Form” and click Use Template.  
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  1. Edit the template to fit your business’s needs. You can add, remove, or edit all fields by clicking on the group. This will allow you to edit the contents of the group in the box to the left.  
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  1. Once you are satisfied with the form, click the Share Form button at the bottom of the page. 
  1. Click the Copy button.  

Embedding the Form in Your Website  

Once you have generated and copied your new appointment form and ready to integrate, visit GoSmallBiz’s website and simply add the code. 

  1. Log on to your GoSmallBiz Website Builder.  
  1. Click on GSB Page Editor
  1. Click the + Button in the top right-hand corner.  
  1. Select the HTML Button and drag to the desired location on the page.  
  1. Paste Wufoo code in the HTML button box.  
  1. Click Save.  
  1. The Wufoo appointment form will now appear on your website.  

Streamlining your business’s appointments has never been easier now that you can integrate an online appointment form. Adjusting and adapting your business to the new world habits will allow you to adjust according to bring in new business, while keeping appointments organized.  This also provides greater flexibility and control over the type of appointments you may have and make the right decisions for your business and adhere to the social norms in your area. 

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