Human Resources


Are You Taking Advantage of the Gig Economy?

A recent study found that 57 million Americans are part of the gig economy, taking on work arrangements like freelancing, contract work, and other agile options. And that trend includes all levels of workers, from the top to the bottom! But while a huge part of the labor force is moving that way, companies in…

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Consultant’s Corner: Fringe Benefits for Key Employees

Q. Is it possible for companies to offer fringe benefits to some employees and not others? For example, can they give certain benefits to key executives and sales leaders and not to the rest of the company? TWO MONTHS FREE: Term & Conditions Fringe Benefit Programs Generally speaking, it is possible for certain fringe benefit programs…

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Are You Ready for Employee Appreciation Day?

Employee Appreciation Day is coming up fast, March 1, but don’t stop there! Make sure you’re showing your team that you care every day. It can be small things like support for ideas and projects, unique recognition awards, or work-life balance initiatives. Your employees make a huge difference in your business, and taking care of…

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Benefits of Hiring Boomers

It’s common to hear lots of people talking about hiring young people, Millennials. But despite some people having a bias toward hiring younger workers, there are some great benefits to hiring older workers, including larger interpersonal networks, a stronger sense of loyalty, and more. Learn more about bringing Boomers into your business in our full…

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Cultural Fit or Cultural Add?

When you’re looking to hire new people for your team, you’ll likely hear a lot of advice about hiring for “cultural fit,” finding people who are a good match for the existing team. But one risk the “cultural fit” strategy runs is producing a team of people who are too similar. Sometimes, what you need…

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Keep Up with the Latest Workforce Trends

Everything in life is constantly evolving and changing. The workforce is no different! Your employees will develop new expectations, different wants and desires, and changed priorities. Keeping up with the latest workforce trends will help you attract and retain the best talent for your team. In our latest article, we examine some of these latest…

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You Can Get a Tax Credit for Hiring a New Employee!

Did you know that it’s possible to hire a new employee and get a tax credit for it? The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) program provides a tax credit for employers who hire workers who are members of specific groups, such as veterans, SNAP recipients, and Vocational Rehabilitation Referrals, among many others. When you participate…

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You Have to Measure What Matters

Every business should know the metrics that lead to success or warn of trouble ahead. They are different for every business, and go beyond just counting dollars and cents. Instead it’s about what things you do that cause those dollars and cents to come in, that make it possible for you to provide real value…

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4 Steps to Resolving Workplace Conflict

If you are an employer for long enough, the time will come when you have to handle some interpersonal conflict. Not everyone will be able to get along all the time, and if a bad situation is allowed to persist without any intervention, it can have some serious side effects in your business. So what…

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Keeping Customers After Losing a Sales Rep

When you run a business, things are going to change. It’s inevitable. Your products and services, technology, and even your marketing strategies and personnel will all change over time. But one of the biggest challenges you will face in the midst of these evolutions is finding ways to retain customers when you lose a sales…

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