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Is Business VoIP Different From Residential VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (also known as VoIP) is used for both residential as well as business services. The underlying technology is the same regardless, just as it was with traditional telephone service. In both instances, there is a telephone number that can be used for incoming calls and the ability to place outgoing calls.…

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How do VoIP and Mobile Work Together?

For the small business, VoIP services can work in conjunction with an existing Smart Phone or mobile phone in several different ways. Because VoIP relies on the Internet connection rather than a physical wire from the telephone company, it is important to configure or set up the VoIP service for redundancy. This means programming the…

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What is Involved in Implementing a VoIP Solution?

For a small business, there are several factors that go into the implementation of an Internet Telephony (aka, VoIP) solution. This presumes that an Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP) has already been selected. Implementation factors include the following: Number of users, extensions, and telephones required Existing telephone service (if any) Telephone number porting and number…

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Is There a Situation Where a Business Needs Both its PBX and VoIP?

Some businesses may wonder whether they need both their PBX (physical phone system) and VoIP. This is an interesting question. Perhaps it’s helpful to look at it another way: can a business with an existing PBX phone system still use VoIP services? The answer to both this question and the original one is “yes.” For…

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Is Voice Mail Different with VoIP?

Voice mail has become a very powerful tool for businesses, especially smaller businesses where entrepreneurs are frequently multi-tasking. Is voice mail different when used in a Voice over Internet (VoIP) environment? The answer is both no and yes! Voice mail functions the same as we have become accustomed to over the past years. With a…

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What is the Difference Between Regular Global Numbers and iNum Global Numbers?

Global numbers are traditional local telephone numbers from many countries and cities around the world. They are tied to a specific geographic area and local telephone company calling area. iNum (International Numbers) use the new international +883 “country code” created by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). Traditional phone numbers are tied to a particular city…

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How do I Decide on a Business Phone System?

Without the ability to communicate effectively with customers, employees, suppliers, partners, and investors, businesses can’t operate. This is especially true for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Although technology is changing rapidly, the telephone is still the most important device today for doing business. As a small business person, how do you determine what business phone system…

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What Sort of Internet Connection is Required for VoIP Service?

For anyone, including small businesses, to use Internet telephone service, they must, logically, be connected to the Internet. As a rule of thumb, old style dial-up Internet is not desirable. The speed at which the information flows back and forth is referred to as “bandwidth.” For many Internet subscribers, this bandwidth is measured as download,…

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What Exactly is a Virtual Office?

For those of us involved in the creation and growth of voice communications services using the Internet, we have known for some time that real value was to be accrued not by the mega-corporations but by the small businesses seeking ways to level the playing field with the “big guys” and carve out a niche…

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