The Behavioral Economics of Hiring

What goes into the decision-making process when it’s time to hire a new employee? What is the candidate thinking? What is the employer thinking? Insights from behavioral economics, a field that applies psychological insights to economic theory, can help both sides better understand and improve the hiring process. These changes can help build better relationships…

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Your Customer Experience Goes Beyond Customer Service

Have you created an amazing customer experience, from beginning to end? Many people make the mistake of only thinking about customer service. And customer service is important, don’t get me wrong! But customer service is only part of your customer experience. Your customer experience includes the whole journey, from the moment they think about doing…

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Is It Time to Incorporate in Another State?

Some businesses use the summer months to kick back and relax after all their hard work in Q1. Others spend these laidback months strategizing their initiatives for the remaining year. For some startups, their next move might be to literally move—with plans to expand their business and incorporate in another state. Incorporating in another state…

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Consultant’s Corner: Drip Marketing

Question: How can I keep my customers engaged during a 1-2 year sales cycle? Certainly, one of the greatest challenges in sales is keeping the potential customer engaged with your company throughout the sales cycle. If you don’t keep your company and its product/service on the forefront of the consumer’s mind throughout the sales cycle,…

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Friday 5 for June 14th, 2019

Everybody Needs a Coach By Fran Tarkenton Many of us underestimate the power of coaching. In sports, coaches make players better—as long as the player will listen to the coach. Why does it work? It’s because coaches have a vast experience… Read article Surprise & Delight…or Just Delight? By Shep Hyken Perhaps you’ve heard of…

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Keeping the Entrepreneurial Spirit Alive

As any business ages and grows, it will change. You don’t always do things the same way you did as a startup. The quest for innovation and new approaches to problems often gradually give way to a focus on incremental improvements and doing what you’ve always done, just a little bit better. This problem is…

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Everybody Needs a Coach

Many of us underestimate the power of coaching. In sports, coaches make players better—as long as the player will listen to the coach. Why does it work? It’s because coaches have a vast experience of the sport that they’re playing, whether it’s an individual sport like golf or a team sport like football. Coaches can…

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Surprise & Delight…or Just Delight?

Perhaps you’ve heard of the concept of “Surprise & Delight” in customer service. But is it really such a good idea? I believe that the key focus should always be on delight. The time to surprise is when you can make a good situation even better, not trying to use a surprise to make up…

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Have You Considered Managed Payroll?

Managed payroll can be a key solution for businesses that are worried about keeping in compliance with wage and hour laws. Especially with ongoing changes to these laws, like new minimum salary thresholds for exemption from FLSA overtime rules, it can be difficult to keep up to date and all too easy to find yourself…

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Consultant’s Corner: Business Succession Agreements

Q: What do I need to know about Business Succession Agreements? Business succession planning refers to the planning for changing ownership of business interests. There is no one document that does effective business succession planning. You can research succession planning considerations through articles and information like the following examples, which explain that several coordinated documents are often required to…

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