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Posts by Edwin Bevens

Midweek Reading: Luck, Training, and Job Descriptions

How much of a role has luck played in your career? Successes like Warren Buffett and Fred Wilson openly credit luck for almost all of their success, but many others refuse to admit luck plays any part at all. Is there a right balance to strike? (New York Times) Many economists believe worker training programs…

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C Corporation: Pros and Cons

This is an excerpt from our free downloadable guide on incorporation and business entity types. Download the full guide here. Previously, we looked at the LLC entity type, a common choice among small business entrepreneurs. This week, we examine the C Corporation. A C Corporation (also referred to simply as a corporation) is the most…

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Sole Proprietorship: Pros and Cons

The sole proprietorship is the default entity type for a business with one owner. If you start a business by yourself and don’t take any steps to adopt a formal business structure, you have a sole proprietorship. It’s the simplest business entity for an entrepreneur to operate, since there are no requirements to form or…

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Midweek Reading: Arnold Palmer, Diversity, and Cash Reserves

Arnold Palmer’s passing this week inspired many reminiscences, tributes, and encomiums. One such, by writer and startup CEO Chris Myers, focused on entrepreneurial lessons he learned first-hand talking with Palmer about his career and his relationship with sports marketer Mark McCormack. Forbes As the country gets more and more diverse, so too do the ranks…

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Midweek Reading: Workaholics, Memoirists, and Monopolists

Reality defies the predictions of 20th century economists, who predicted that our century would be one of increasing leisure time, when instead it has become marked by workaholism among the already wealthy and successful. A fast-growing “personal memoirist” industry is developing in small business America, helping older generations preserve and share their stories. More and…

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Midweek Reading: Character, Philanthropy, and Values

Employers develop the ability to identify people with the skills needed for a job, but often struggle at judging character, finding trustworthy, reliable employees above and beyond skill and experience. A family-owned restaurant in Augusta, Maine, has given more than $2 million to charity, and has made dedication to philanthropy a key part of its…

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Midweek Reading: Advertising, Platforms, and Culture

Advertising campaigns that focus on real people rather than celebrity endorsers and actors are flourishing, trying to bring out a degree of authenticity rather than flash. Millennials are participating in large numbers in the “platform economy,” as their lack of assets and high levels of student loan debt give flexibility a much higher value. Dave…

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Midweek Reading: Boomer Marketing, Negotiations, and Salary Histories

Companies might put a lot of effort into attracting younger customers, but “the biggest market opportunity for start-ups is older Americans rather than hip millennials.” Business owners want to hire employees with negotiation skills, but bristle when candidates use those negotiation skills on their own behalf. Liz Ryan shares why you shouldn’t let a top…

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Midweek Reading: Neuromarketing, Artistic Thinking, and Monotasking

Neuromarketing researchers are studying how the human brain responds to various marketing devices to help brands communicate more effectively, but skeptics fear that these studies could be used to manipulate consumers in an unprecedented way. The art history degree is commonly used as a punchline by pundits who advocate more training in business and STEM…

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Midweek Reading: Discounts, Boomers, and Millennials

Everybody loves to buy things at discounted prices, but Amazon is testing a new pricing strategy, only showing current prices, with no list prices for comparison. Baby Boomers are also booming in entrepreneurship, with 18 percent of age 65+ workers being self-employed. Millennials lead the nation in entrepreneurial mentality, but not in actual activity. Studies…

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