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5 Manager-isms All Good Bosses Should Avoid

Business management is plagued with stereotypes. Managers are portrayed or seen as incompetent, aloof, or out of touch with the office. Just look at Lumbergh from Office Space, or the Pointy-Haired Boss in Dilbert. Now, for the most part, these are just caricatures of the worst traits in managers and bosses, but there is a…

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What’s the Best Way to Exit a Leadership Role?

In a stunning move on Tuesday April 9th, NBA legend Magic Johnson announced he was stepping down as president of the Los Angeles Lakers in an impromptu press conference. His exit has since been met with a mix of criticism and praise from the press and fans. Johnson further defended his controversial decision in an…

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3 Things Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Corporate Resolutions

Not to be confused with New Year’s resolutions, corporate resolutions are official documents that record formal decisions and actions approved by your board of directors (or members, if you run an LLC) on behalf of the company. If you’ve been tasked with putting these documents together and have never done so before, take a moment…

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4 Reasons to Love Complaints

We all know that one person who loves to complain. It feels as though they always have something negative to say about the food, or the service, or whatever they deem sub-par that evening. As much as this type of person may annoy you personally, small business owners should love the complainer. In fact, embracing…

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What’s in the Secret Sauce of Your Small Business?

What comes to mind when we think about secret sauce? There’s the unexpected flavor, adding a kick to any ordinary recipe, and the mystery of the sauce itself. What’s all in it that makes it taste so good? Some of us may wish that we knew so we could duplicate the sauce for ourselves and…

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Campbell’s Soup Trademarks Chunky: Why It’s A Great Move For The Brand

After years of association, the word “chunky” is now a trademark of the Campbell Soup Company. Campbell’s filed a trademark application to trademark ‘chunky’ in 2018 with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The USPTO approved the request, giving Campbell’s “exclusive right to use the mark on, or in connection with, the goods/services…

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4 Reasons Corporations Are Attractive to Investors

Every new, and established alike, business needs some investors to get their venture off the ground. Without the initial funding, there would be a lot of startups that would never even get to see their first year in business. A small business will need money all throughout its lifetime to stay afloat, but it’s the first batch of…

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How To Form a Non-Profit Business

If you’re looking to form a non-profit corporation, there are several important steps for you to follow. Incorporating a non-profit corporation is often similar to a for-profit corporation, but there are some differences to be aware of. Here are some general guidelines for incorporating a non-profit. Pre-Incorporation Matters Prior to incorporation, you should have a…

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How to Hear the Customer Out in Three Easy Steps

There are some customers that just want to be heard. We all know the type—they aren’t so much upset with your company as they just want your company to hear them out. In fact, these types of customers are typically easier to handle than customers who are truly upset at your company. You can tell the…

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