Warning Signs of a Bad Lender

You receive a phone call, open an email, hear from a friend-of-a-friend about some company that is providing business loans at fantastic rates. You can’t help but wonder, is this the source of working capital you’ve been searching for, or the start of a very painful learning experience? What should you do when you come…

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Improving Your Business Credit Score

The credit score for your business is created and compiled in a manner similar to your personal score. Using your business’s Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), vendors and other entities that extend your business credit will report the timeliness of your payments to the major credit reporting agencies. If you pay your obligations on time, your…

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Business Loans and Other Funding Options

You’ve realized that your business needs more capital to sustain operations and fuel future growth. Where do you start? If the bank turns you down, what are your options? This summary is a guide to the different types of loans and funding programs available to businesses. You should research those that seem like they might…

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What Documents Are Required When Applying for a Business Loan?

Finding and applying for business funding is a process that requires patience, time, and proper documentation to complete. There are a variety of factors that affect what type of documentation—and how much of it—you will need to provide. Some of these factors include the size of the loan and your current financial situation. One of…

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How Much Money Do You Need to Start Your Business?

You’ve made the commitment, and now you’re ready to start your own business. How much cash will you need? Should you invest directly in the business or fund a loan? What are the tax consequences? Answering these questions is important, and by following these steps you should be on your way to a workable plan.…

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The “Forbidden Industries”

As a consumer, if you have a job, a consistent bank balance, and a decent credit score, you can usually work with a number of financial institutions and receive financing for a car. However, your cash-flow positive, profitable business with the same credit score can easily be turned down for a much smaller loan amount.…

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