Social Media Marketing: You’re Doing it Wrong


You’re fed up. I get it. You are sick and tired of “wasting” time and money on social media marketing. You are sure it doesn’t work. You’ve tried promoting sales, you’ve tried giving coupons – zero return.

But maybe the problem is you. (That’s right – I said it.) Maybe you’re approaching it the wrong way. Let me show you what I mean:

Assumption: Social media marketing is a waste of time and does not work.

Why do you say that?

Because I’ve promoted my “stuff” on social media REPEATEDLY and have not seen anyone buy anything!

Why might that be?

Because most people are not in “buying mode” when they’re on social media.


After framing the real issue, we can ask the more important question, “So why do people use social media, and how can I use that to my advantage?” Now, my friends, we’ve got something we can work with.

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So why do people use social media? We use social media to keep up with friends and family. We use social media to see what’s going on around us. We use social media to find things that will make our lives better – whether that’s helpful information, a picture to make us smile, a video to make us feel good… the list goes on and on.

As a business owner, how can you use this to your advantage? The simplest answer is that you need to stop thinking like a business owner and start thinking like a real person. Connect with your fans and followers – don’t blast them with sales and information on your products. Don’t patronize them. Don’t ask them to like or comment on a dog picture. Be real and be helpful and remember that social media is your greeting card. It is your first impression. If I like the content you share, I may choose to follow you and see more of your content. If it’s really good, I may even choose to share it with others I know (who, by the way, are probably similar to me in some way and may also be good prospects for your business).

But ultimately you want to sell things, right? Of course you do. If there’s no money coming in, you and all your employees will soon be going out. So it’s time to put the ol’ thinking cap back on. Where do people go when they want to buy something? They go to Google.

How do the two connect, then? (Now you’re thinking like a digital marketer!)

Think of it like this: Social media is the guy with the shaker board by the street; Google is the showroom floor.

Use social media to get their attention and make them stop scrolling. Establish a relationship through social media and then keep talking to those people. Showcase your expertise and keep your brand at the top of people’s minds. Whatever you do – get them in that funnel! Then, once they know, like and trust you, use the available tools like Google AdWords and targeted advertising to close the deal.

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Harry Kierbow

Harry Kierbow

Harry Kierbow is the Director of Social Media for Commissions Inc (CINC), a real estate technology and marketing company. He's played professionally on Facebook (and other social networks) for more than 7 years now, managing campaigns for brands (both big and small) and individuals (also both big and small). Universally regarded as the greatest ice hockey goalie to ever come from Griffin, GA (by his mom at least), you can find Harry between the pipes on the ice rinks of Georgia (yes, there is more than one) or playing with his 2 kids when he's not perfecting social media ads or binging true crime documentaries on Netflix. Connect with Harry on LinkedIn @HarryKierbow.