Small Business in the News: October 14, 2020 Edition

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Several of this week’s top headlines for small business owners are taking a look at how work itself has changed, and will continue to change, as a result of the ongoing crisis. Remote work was already a growing trend, and has been accelerated dramatically these past months. Which changes will continue, which will reverse, and which will stabilize?

Seeking clarity: How the concept of work has shifted (Washington Post)

July is the New January: More Companies Delay Return to the Office (New York Times)

Remote Work Will Not Magically End (Inc.)

Remote Working Needs a Mindset Shift for the Future (SmallBizClub)

Survivors and Thrivers: 25 Small-Business Standouts (Forbes)

How to Launch a Pandemic-Proof Business (Bloomberg)

Small-business owners say national paid sick leave wouldn’t hurt their bottom line (Fast Company)

What You Should Know Before Going Into Business With Family (Entrepreneur)

34% of Small Businesses Struggling to Pay October Rent (Small Biz Trends)

Three industries that are already bouncing back to pre-pandemic hiring (Business Insider)

It’s open enrollment season. Here’s what you should do differently this year (CNN)


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