Small Business in the News: May 27, 2021 Edition

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What is your small business’s plan for growth? Perhaps you were able to grow even during the difficult past year, or maybe you’re looking forward to growth as we come out of the pandemic. Either way, it takes a plan. Some of our top reading for small businesses this week look at how to think about growth, plus other important topics!

Here’s the Secret to Growing Your Business During the Slow Summer Months (Entrepreneur)

Square Takes Aim at JPMorgan With Checking, Savings Accounts for Small Businesses (Washington Post)

Why Rapid Business Growth During a Pandemic Can Be a Double-Edged Sword (Forbes)

We Asked 16 Business Owners and Economists About Bumping the Minimum Wage to $15. Here’s What They Said (Inc.)

Do these 3 things to avoid the serious health risks of running your own business (Fast Company)

A Theory Called Reallocation Friction May Explain the Labor Shortage (Business Insider)

The Small Business Administration’s Gaffes Are Now Her Job to Fix (New York Times)

This Is Why Workplace Mental Health Awareness Is Important (SmallBizClub)

What Types of Businesses Should Be LLCs? (Small Biz Trends)

Managers, buckle up. Your job will be harder than ever as we return to the office (CNN Business)


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