Small Business in the News: March 11, 2021 Edition

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More and more small business owners are looking ahead to a post-pandemic world, as businesses continue to recover and learn from their adaptations over the past year. In this week’s top small business reading, we have several items reflecting on the pandemic and considering further options for recovery, plus other trends to pay attention to in 2021.

The Push to Extend the PPP (Inc.)

In the year of COVID, how much has the economy recovered, and how far does it have to go? (USA Today)

The pandemic forced a massive remote work experiment. Now comes the hard part (CNN Business)

Half of U.S. Firms That Survived Are Back to Pre-Covid Capacity (Washington Post)

How to feel less icky about networking (Fast Company)

How to Start a Side Hustle: Find Your Idea (Entrepreneur)

Can You Take the Home Office Tax Deduction? (US News & World Report)

B2B Sellers Investing in Ecommerce in 2021 (Small Biz Trends)

6 Practical Ways to Reduce Business Costs (SmallBizClub)

Should the First Version of Your Startup Product Be Flawless? (Forbes)

How to Build a Positive Culture (Joe Scarlett)

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