Small Business in the News: July 15, 2021 Edition

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How has your business come through the ongoing pandemic? Some businesses have struggled, others have found ways to manage, and still others have grown to reach new heights. In this week’s stories for small business, we take a look at some businesses’ stories, plus notable trends in mental health, remote work, ecommerce, and more.

The Problem We’re Now Facing With WFH (Slate)

The pandemic walloped their businesses. Here’s how they’re doing now (CNN Business)

Self-employed Faring Better Mentally in Pandemic (Small Biz Trends)

Hurricane Season Is Here. 4 Ways to Help Remote Workers Prepare for the Worst (Inc.)

7 Core Values That Make Military Veteran Great Entrepreneurs (Entrepreneur)

Bidding Wars Break Out in Sizzling Market for Amazon Brands (Washington Post)

7 Strategies To Prepare For The Next Customer Change (Startup Professionals)

Lessons Learned: Avoiding The Fundraising Errors That Can Sink A Business (Forbes)

Here’s what happened when this company banned meetings (Fast Company)

Smart Ways to Increase Efficiency in Your Small Business (SmallBizClub)


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