Small Business in the News: January 27, 2021 Edition

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What options for financial relief do small businesses have as the Covid pandemic hits the one-year mark? The new round of PPP loans is currently ongoing, while other struggling businesses have been saved by unexpected sources. We’ve got these and other important news, trends, and analysis for small business!

More Than 60,000 PPP2 Loans Approved in First Week of Lending (Small Biz Trends)

Devoted customers save local small businesses (CNN Business)

Why modern HR requires rethinking the old-school employee handbook (Fast Company)

How Biden’s Buy American Plan Could Boost Small Business (Inc.)

The pandemic has been an economic disaster for women. Some took advantage of it. (Washington Post)

How to Keep Internet Trolls Out of Remote Workplaces (New York Times)

A brain science expert shares tips for regulating anxiety and emotions during tumultuous times (Business Insider)

Growth Hacking: What it is and How SaaS Businesses Can Use it to Optimize Growth (Entrepreneur)

Don’t Ignore the Importance of Naming Your Business (SmallBizClub)

Reconstructing the Gig Economy Equation: How This Founder is Optimizing Income and Opportunities for Gig Workers (Forbes)

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