Small Business in the News: August 5, 2021 Edition

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The recovery for small businesses is continuing, but it’s uneven, as some businesses are at or near pre-pandemic levels, while others are still struggling. That’s part of this week’s top reading for small businesses, along with updates on PPP loan forgiveness, hiring challenges, and more!

Bounceback: Small Businesses Are Nearing Pre-Pandemic Sales Levels (Inc.)

Vaccination is helping small businesses recover (Business Insider)

P.P.P. loan forgiveness portal opens, but big banks opt out (New York Times)

The infrastructure bill creates more need for workforce training (The Hill)

Why You Are Having a Hard Time Finding New Employees (Small Biz Trends)

The small business masking dilemma: “You feel like you’re the police” (CNN Business)

What empty offices mean for America’s cities – and workers (Vox)

Insights On The Five Stages Of Small Business Growth (Forbes)

Why you love setting goals more than pursuing them, according to science (Fast Company)

4 “Unproductive” Habits That Make You More Productive (Entrepreneur)

Businesses Are Starting to Become Part of the Sustainability Solution (SmallBizClub)

8 Ways To Minimize Entrepreneur Burnout In A Startup (Startup Professionals)

Disney’s Magic Touch (McLellan Marketing)


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