Small Business in the News: August 5, 2020 Edition

What’s the latest news for small business? We’ve got you covered, with the top headlines impacting small business, insight for small business owners, and trends in the small business market!

Remote work really does mean longer days–and more meetings (Washington Post)

CEOs Warn Congress of Small Business Failures Without More Aid (Bloomberg)

82% of Shoppers Will Pay More Now to Support Small Businesses (Small Biz Trends)

How Entrepreneurs Are Reducing the Stress of Back-to-School (Inc)

Digital Resilience: Why You Should Take Your Small Business Digital (Forbes)

Worried about another slump, many firms hire temporary workers instead of permanent staffers (USA Today)

Some caterers are finding creative ways to keep their businesses afloat (New York Times)

What Should Entrepreneurs Know Before Starting Their First Business? (SmallBizClub)

How creativity can help us navigate COVID-19: Lessons from the 19th century (Fast Company)

Is Passive Income Truly Achievable (Entrepreneur)


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