Friday 5 for the Week of October 20th, 2017


How to Invest Time in Your Team

By Will Adams                         

You might be looking at your business’s team and wondering where to invest your time—how to identify the people you should be spending the most time on. The 10-80-10 Principle… 3 minute read

Stop Going Through the Motions

By Shep Hyken

Have you ever seen someone who was clearly just going through the motions? Someone who mindlessly asks you a question that you’ve already answered just because it’s the next… Watch video

How to Save Time with Your POS System


If you rely on your POS system for time and wage data, that is some of the most important data you have, and manual data entry can be time-consuming—and ultimately very… Read article

Success is Not an Accident

By Fran Tarkenton

One of the many lessons I learned playing football that has completely translated into my life in business is that success doesn’t happen by accident; it takes a lot of hard work. Every… 2 minute read

Hiring Your First Employee

By Bill Wortman

When growing a business, entrepreneurs typically reach a point in the process where they must consider the prospect of adding staff. There are several important things to consider… 5 minute read

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