Friday 5 for September 21st, 2018


GoSmallBiz Podcast Episode 2: Gen Y Employees and Customers

By GoSmallBiz                   

Listen as Will Adams talks with Whitney Wrona about her research into Generation Y in the workforce, and how you can understand, engage with, and attract Millennial employees and customers… Listen now

“Don’t Blame Me, I Just Work Here!”

By Shep Hyken

Have you ever tried to report a problem and gotten the response, “Don’t blame me, I just work here!”? Maybe it wasn’t those exact words, but you can recognize the sentiment behind them. If you or anyone… Watch video

The Conversations That Build Extraordinary Performance


We all want extraordinary performance from our teams. Extraordinary performance requires productive behavior. And to get productivity, you need engaged employees. One of the most important tools… Read now

Encourage Independent Thinking

By Matt Tarkenton

An important element of an open corporate culture is a team full of people who are all thinking about ways to help the business. Encouraging independent thinking among your team members will generate… Read now

Photography Pricing Strategies

By Bill Wortman

Competitive review and the value of your time (personal income goal) are two basic considerations; however, to help consider the industry practices and develop an effective pricing strategy… Read now

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