Friday 5 for October 5th, 2018


Do You Ask the One Thing Question?

By Shep Hyken

I’m a big believer in the “One Thing Question.” When you’re surveying customers, I love to ask the follow-up question, “Is there one thing you can think of that would make doing business with us better?”… Read article

Do You Believe These Myths About Ancillary Benefits?


Maybe you’re already offering health insurance to your employees, but you’re not sure about offering additional, ancillary benefits. Should you offer additional benefits like dental, vision, or life insurance… Read article

The False Idea of Work/Life Balance

By Fran Tarkenton

Let’s recognize right now that the work/life balance is less about divvying up hours between career and family than it is about feeling guilty no matter how we apportion our time. The “crime” is neither… Read article

Starting a Marketing Campaign

By Matt Tarkenton

A marketing campaign can be overwhelming for a new business. Where do you even begin? It’s important to get your name out there, but with so many things going on in your business and a steady… Read article

Business Name and Domain Name Change

By Bill Wortman

A business that changes its name can notify the IRS of the name change by following the procedures described at the IRS website. Provided the name change does not require the business to obtain… Read article


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