Friday 5 for October 19th, 2018


Book Review: The Convenience Revolution, by Shep Hyken

By Edwin Bevens

Convenience, and minimizing resistance (friction), is the subject of Shep Hyken’s newest book, The Convenience Revolution. People love convenience. If you’re ever wondering what’s going to… Read article

Take Smarter Risks


If you don’t ever take any risks, you won’t get anywhere. But you also can’t take too many risks, acting too rashly. Every small business owner needs to take a smart approach to taking risks, balancing the… Read article

How’s the Coffee at Your Work?

By Shep Hyken

I’ve heard all kinds of ideas of little perks that you can offer employees to show that you care about them. Some are small, some are actually huge! But a very simple thing you can look at to get a glimpse… Read article

Invest in Your Career and Your Family

By Fran Tarkenton

Give yourself a test. Are you ever too busy to return a phone call from a family member, an employee, a customer, a vendor? Do you delay answering e-mails as long as you possibly can or maybe forever? Do… Read article

Employee Cell Phone Use Policy

By Bill Wortman

Increasingly, cell phone usage is becoming a problem in the work place. Usage of cellular devices takes focus away from the day-to-day operations of your business, and can lead to costly mistakes. Often, the best… Read article


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