Friday 5 for October 13th, 2017


4 Female Athletes Successfully Embracing Entrepreneurship

By Deborah Sweeney

All throughout October, female entrepreneurs everywhere are celebrating National Women’s Small Business Month. There are more than 11 million woman-owned businesses… 4 minute read

Pay Attention to Passive Job Seekers


When we’re looking to hire a new employee, many of us focus on active job seekers—the people are out there actively looking for a job. But you can really benefit by finding ways to sell… Read article

Earn Your Disappointment

By Will Adams

Before I indulge in those occasional moments of self-pity over the thing that I didn’t get or achieve, I need to be sure I earned my disappointment. When I focus on doing what… 3 minute read

Take the Time to Write a Note

By Shep Hyken

There are lots of ways that we can show appreciation and offer congratulations to people—clients, employees, partners, or anyone else we encounter. But there’s something special… Watch video

Why Entrepreneurs Need to Be Scramblers

By Fran Tarkenton

You come up with a plan, but no matter how much time you spend preparing, there’s a good chance something will happen that you weren’t prepared for. The play starts to break down… 3 minute read


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