Friday 5 for November 30th, 2018


GoSmallBiz Podcast: Presidential Principles

Featuring: Anton Gunn

On this episode of the GoSmallBiz Podcast, we’re joined by Anton Gunn, Founder of 937 Strategy Group. Anton has some powerful insights on what we can learn about leadership by observing… Listen now

Give Customers What They Need

By Shep Hyken

Good customer service isn’t always just about giving a person what they want; it’s about giving them what they need. The best customer service involves doing what’s best for the client, even if… Watch video

Finding Your Real Company Values


Company values are a lot more than the words you choose to put in a mission statement. They’re more than just whatever you say your values are. Your company’s values are the things that you… Read article

Stay Focused on the Moment

By Fran Tarkenton

To this day, in business, I never worry about winning or losing. In business, as in football, I’ve always embraced the moment, so that I can focus exclusively on the individual things—the “action items”—I can… Read article

Do I Have to Pay Employees When Bad Weather Closes the Business?

By Bill Wortman

While you may want to consult your local labor lawyer to confirm your employee compensation requirements for particular business closure situations, as a general rule, exempt employees will need… Read article

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