Friday 5 for May 4th, 2018


Are You Eligible for an SBA Loan?

By Fran Tarkenton

Has this ever happened to you? You walk into your local bank branch looking for a small business loan, and you’re told that you’re not eligible for an SBA loan. Does that mean you’re not qualified… Watch video

Banish These Phrases from Your Customer Service Lexicon

By Shep Hyken

We’ve all heard them. The phrases that set our teeth on edge. That get us so frustrated. That drive us crazy! Some of those maddening phrases are slowly fading away, but we all… Watch video

Have You Prepared for Compliance Issues?


Are you worried about compliance issues? Many small businesses overlook compliance, but it’s a vital step to protecting your business, with proactive steps that avoid problems down the road… Read article

The 6 C’s of Relevant Benefits

By Chris Barnes

There are two sides to value. The first is relevant benefits, while the second is relevant differentiation. The most basic definition of relevant benefits is some characteristic of a product or service that… Read article

How Do Government Contracts Work?

By Bill Wortman

Government contracting can be a reliable and profitable revenue source for a business; however, there a various considerations. For example, the paperwork and other administrative burden… Read article


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