Friday 5 for May 26th, 2017


GSB TV: Mastering Customer Service Over the Phone

With: Ricardo Jimenez and Chris Barnes

Delivering great customer service over the phone is an important part of providing an outstanding customer experience. Many customers will call in with problems or questions… Watch session

Outsourcing? Make Sure Customization is a Priority

By Ben Walker

What’s the value of outsourcing as a small business owner? A large part is access to experts the owner doesn’t have in-house, and customization is a huge component of that. When… 6 minute read

Why You Need Well-Defined Sales Processes

By Gregg Schwartz

Making sales is not a matter of luck or sheer charisma—it is a process. With a consistent, methodical sales process, you will get better results than with a slapdash approach. Even… 5 minute read

How to Build Your Integrated Marketing Plan


Don’t rely on a slap-dash marketing plan that just consists of different pieces all thrown together at random. Instead, take a comprehensive approach and build an integrated… Read article

Create a Frictionless Customer Experience

By Shep Hyken

If you’re trying to create a great customer experience, look at places where you’re putting the responsibility on the customer rather than on yourself. What does that… Watch video


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