Friday 5 for March 1st, 2019


Are You Ready for Employee Appreciation Day?


Employee Appreciation Day is coming up fast, March 1, but don’t stop there! Make sure you’re showing your team that you care every day. It can be small things like support for ideas and projects, unique… Read article

Win-Wins and Win-Wynns!

By Shep Hyken

When you deliver a great customer experience, it becomes a win-win. You win by creating a happy customer. And the customer wins with the great service. It takes competent people making good… Watch video

Don’t Make the Wrong Partnership: Assume Nothing

By Fran Tarkenton

How do you know whether someone is going to be a good partner or not? It’s not enough to go by someone’s prestige—there are plenty of examples of prominent figures who turned out to be bad… Read article

Developing Your Sales Team

By Matt Tarkenton

The salespeople that will put you on the map are hard to find. You want to build a sales staff of greats. They do 80% of the business. They usually number no more than 30% of your force… Read article

Planning a Price Increase

By Bill Wortman

Competitive prices are critical in order to maintain customers and market share; however, you still need to maintain adequate profit margins and profitability. We do not know how long it may have been since… Read article


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