Friday 5 for March 10th, 2017


Surround Yourself with a Winning Team

By: Fran Tarkenton

Sports gives us such a great window into the rest of our lives. Over four quarters, nine innings, two halves, or whatever frame it uses, a game is a miniature lesson. The coaches… 7 minute read

GSB TV: How to Get from Idea to Reality

With: Will Adams and Matt Tarkenton

This week on the GSB TV Leadership Show, Will Adams and Matt Tarkenton offer tips for getting from idea to reality and developing an innovative culture. Drawing inspiration… Watch session

How Respect Drives Engagement and Productivity


As a leader, it is imperative to have the respect of your team. When employees have respect for their boss, it creates engagement, and engagement leads to increases in productivity… Read article

Surviving and IRS Schedule C Audit

By: Bill Wortman

The IRS should have provided you with an Information Document Request that will tell you specifically what they want to review in this first meeting. Review this document request… 3 minute read

Job Interview Questions: What You Can and Can’t Ask

By: Angela Cordle

What kind of job interview questions can you ask? During the interview process, you’re trying to find out everything you can about potential employees. Each employee you hire… 3 minute read


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