Friday 5 for June 30th, 2017


Living in a Land of Opportunity

By Fran Tarkenton

I recently spent two weeks on a beautiful trip to Europe, but I came back home to America with a greater appreciation for our country and the unprecedented opportunities… 6 minute read

Manage Customer Expectations

By Shep Hyken

If you promise something to your customers, you better deliver! When you over promise and under deliver, it’s a big letdown for your customer. Don’t sell a half truth. If you… Watch video

Get Your Invoices Right


A mistake on your invoices can create major headaches—delayed payments that hurt your cash flow, an unprofessional image that damages your brand, and more. So getting this step… Read article

5 Manager-isms All Good Bosses Should Avoid

By Deborah Sweeney          

Business management is plagued with stereotypes. Now, for the most part, these are just caricatures, but there is a little bit of truth in the exaggerations. So, if you want to be… 4 minute read

Know Your Role as the Owner

By Ted Jenkin

As an entrepreneur starting a new business, you often have to wear the hat of cook, dishwasher, accountant, and general manager. However, one of the biggest mistakes… 3 minute read


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