Friday 5 for June 29th, 2018


7 Signs That You Have an Ego Problem

By Will Adams

On its face, having an ego isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But an unchecked ego can overpower and devour a leader’s humility and his or her willingness to learn, to be challenged, and to trust others… Read article

What Does “I’m Sorry” Really Mean?

By Shep Hyken

Two of the most powerful words you can use are “I’m sorry.” But don’t abuse those powerful words by using them as a substitute for “too bad!” We’ve probably all had experiences where we… Watch video

Growth Strategies You Can Learn from Your Favorite Theme Park

By Edwin Bevens

Theme parks and museums are dealing with a lot of the same issues you’re likely to be facing in whatever you do, including standing out against tough competition, finding new… Read article

Watch Out for Common Mistakes!


Nobody’s perfect. We all make mistakes. And when you’re running a business, there are so many things you’re responsible for, so many decisions you have to make every day, big and small… Read article

Terminating an At-Will Employee

By Bill Wortman

While your state may be an “employment at-will state” which generally provides employers with discretion to terminate employees with or without cause, employers should always… Read article

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