Friday 5 for January 5th, 2018


Ask Yourself These 4 Questions Before Starting a Business in 2018

By Deborah Sweeney                             

Are you ready to be an entrepreneur in 2018? Maybe you have a side gig you’re ready to turn into a full-time business or you’re excited to own and operate a franchise. You’re ready… 4 minute read

Don’t Charge Extra for Customer Service

By Shep Hyken

People reach out to a customer service department because they need help, or they have a question, or they want to make a complaint. In those situations, it’s important to deliver… Watch video

Ditch These 4 Interview Strategies


Your interview process is supposed to help you find the best job candidates for your business, the people who will help you succeed. But it only works if you’re taking the right approach… Read article

Converting Prospects into Paying Customers

By Matthew Tarkenton

As a small business owner, your number one goal at all times is to find ways to get one more customer. You’re looking for ways to convert every business prospect you can into a paying… 3 minute read

Finding Corporate Sponsorship

By Bill Wortman

Each sponsorship opportunity will be different and so there is no one-size-fits-all “sponsorship proposal package;” however, there are certain things you should consider… 3 minute read


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