Friday 5 for January 12th, 2018


Smile and Dial

By Will Adams

The phrase “smile and dial” has existed in the sales and customer service profession since the advent of the telephone. Yet despite this longevity, what ought to be common practice isn’t!… 4 minute read

Use Common Sense in Your Customer Service

By Shep Hyken

Have you ever run into a company policy that just didn’t make sense to you as a customer? One that drove you nuts with its ridiculousness? Well, make sure that’s not your company! A… Watch video

Reevaluate Your Hiring Procedures in 2018


Quickly hiring and onboarding employees is a critical way for your business to save time and money. After all, hiring searches are costly in both money and energy, and employees who are… Read article

15 Reasons to Write a Business Plan

By Bill Wortman

The two basic purposes of a business plan are to raise funding and effectively plan new business ventures. Below is a list of 15 common reasons, including the first two already… 2 minute read

Recommended Reading

By GSB Staff

Keeping up with all the latest news and advice isn’t easy—so we’re here to help with some recommendations for the essential reading for small business owners and… Read article


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