Friday 5 for the Week of September 29, 2014


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10 Reasons Businesses Incorporate in Nevada and Delaware

There are a number of factors you should consider when choosing where to incorporate your business. The two most popular locations for businesses who incorporate outside their home state are Delaware and Nevada. Both offer a particularly favorable environment for incorporation for different types of businesses… Read more

Business Mentoring Series: A Negotiation Starts with a Relationship

Despite popular belief, a negotiation is not a war. The foundation to any successful negotiation is a relationship. The key is to be on the same side of the table and work together to understand what each party needs to come away happy… Read more

Johnny Appleseed: An Original American Entrepreneur

I know that most of us (myself included) picture Johnny Appleseed strolling through the countryside randomly throwing appleseeds with a pan on his head, tattered pants and no shoes. While the outfit may be accurate, the rest of the story is a lot more entrepreneurial than that… Read more

Consultant’s Corner: Do I Need Liability Insurance?

Essentially, every business needs some amount of property, liability and vehicle insurance depending upon the business activities and other factors. Several things will determine the types and amounts of coverage needed for your business… Read more

The Lost Art of the Handwritten Thank You Note

I’m really not sure why any of us get excited about going to get our mail anymore — we already know what’s in there. But every once in a while, though, somebody actually sends us a handwritten note and there it is — our day is made… Read more


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