Friday 5 for the Week of September 22, 2014


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Don’t Lead Like Roger Goodell

In today’s hyper-connected world, your company, your brand and your personal reputation are only as good as your audience believes it to be. While there may not be a lot to learn from what Roger Goodell did do, there is definitely much to learn from what he should have done… Read more

Break Free from Complacency

Our largest businesses, supposed backbones of our economy, are becoming flat and irrelevant. And all this is happening because there’s no innovation, no creativity, no disruptive thinking — which is the only way to create real, lasting change… Read more

Business Mentoring Series: Choosing the Right Social Media Platform

Trying to be everywhere on social media will get you nowhere. Face it, you’re not as fast as the internet. Instead of jumping on all of the trendiest networks, examine your goals and your audience and go to the place that makes the most sense… Watch Episode

Solve Your Customer’s Problems, Even If They’re Not Your Fault

It was 4 pm on a Sunday and I had just arrived in Las Vegas in advance of speaking at a 6 pm black-tie event. The only problem  my tux didn’t come with me. Luckily, I found some customer service heroes… Read more

LLC or Corporation?

To form an LLC or a corporation, that is the question. What is the answer, though? Here are some of the key differences between 2 of the most popular business entity types… Read more


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