Friday 5 for the Week of October 27, 2014


Happy Halloween! The articles in this week’s Friday 5 are “full-size candy bar at the neighbor’s house” good!

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Business Mentoring Series: When to Negotiate

with: Fran Tarkenton and Molly Fletcher

The costs of not negotiating can really add up over a lifetime. And it’s not always just about dollar signs. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want, beyond just the salary… Watch episode

Foreign Qualification for Businesses


Just because your company is incorporated in one state doesn’t mean you can’t do business in another. However, in order to do so legally you will have to qualify as a foreign corporation… Read more

5 Things I Do Every Day to Be Successful

by: Fran Tarkenton

I often say that my success is a result of good habits I’ve developed over the years, both in football and in business. Here are the 5 things I do every working day to stay at the top of my game… Read more

Is Bitcoin the Currency of the Future?

by: Ted Jenkin

I don’t know whether or not Bitcoin will ultimately be successful, but there is most certainly a future market for cryptocurrencies on the whole. Just last December, someone used this option to buy a $103,000 top of the line Tesla for a mere 91.4 Bitcoins. Is it time to look into a Bitcoin processor for your company?.. Read more

Exploit Your Employees’ Unique Talents

by: Shep Hyken

Letting people do what they love and what they’re good at is a powerful concept that can have big benefits for your business. Here’s an example… Read more


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