Friday 5 for the Week of November 3, 2014


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Business Mentoring Series — Turning a Passion Into a Business

with: Fran Tarkenton, Dan Fontaine and Aaron Rolka

Do something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. That’s what this month’s Business Mentoring Series is all about: a couple of beer lovers who turned their passion into a small business… Watch episode

Consultant’s Corner: Online Marketing Through Blogs and Social Media

by: Bill Wortman

Blogging and social media have become a standard in small business marketing due to their low cost and ease of use. Here’s how you can get started… Read more

[Video] Creating a Brand

with: Lara Hodgson

A great brand name doesn’t describe a product, it describes an attitude. See how one entrepreneur created her brand in this 4 minute video… Watch video

Compliance Requirements — LLC vs. Corporation

by: Click2Corp

Many entrepreneurs choose an LLC over a corporation because they offer lighter governance requirements. But corporate governance may not be as big of an obstacle as they think… Read more

[Infographic] 2014 Facebook Image Dimension Guide

by: Harry Kierbow

Is it just us or does Facebook seem to change more often than a traffic light? Stay ahead of the curve with this downloadable infographic… View infographic


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