Friday 5 for the week of May 4th, 2015


This week’s Friday 5 is hotter than Bowser’s fireballs.

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Business Mentoring Series — Solving Problems: The Fastest Path to Value

with: Doug Haugh and Fran Tarkenton

Solving your customer’s problems is the fastest path to providing value. But how do you continue to do that as your business grows? It’s about building your people. Doug Haugh explains on this week’s episode of the Business Mentoring Show… Watch episode

Consultant’s Corner: Using Interns

by: Bill Wortman

With summer break on the horizon, many business owners will look to use school-age workers as interns. We look at the steps you should take to put an internship program in place… 4 minute read

Does Facebook’s Newest Algorithm Update Mean It’s Time for Businesses to Leave?

by: Harry Kierbow

Facebook just made a change that makes it more difficult (and more expensive) to reach people from your business page. The move has many businesses considering leaving the platform for good. See what they did and how to survive (and thrive) on the newest iteration of Facebook… 5 minute read

You Can Focus on the Positive, But Don’t Forget About Reality

by: Fran Tarkenton

The power of positivity will only take you so far. As a leader it’s your job to build up when appropriate, but you also have to be ready to help your team by instructing and course-correcting when it’s needed. To do this, I use a system I call the 4-to-1 Rule… 3 minute read

[Video] Getting Started as a Young Entrepreneur

by: Dan Fontaine

“When you’re young, it’s a fabulous time to start a business.” – Geoff Wilson, President and founding partner of 352 Inc. Geoff tells his story about starting a business before the age of 20 in this 3-minute video… Watch video

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