Friday 5 for the Week of May 23rd, 2016


Best of Mentoring: Dave Crenshaw on Switching Costs

With: Fran Tarkenton and Dave Crenshaw

In this session, Dave talks about how much switching from one task to another costs small businesses in time and productivity. Switching costs can take… Watch session

Becoming a Peak Performer

By: Fran Tarkenton

I recently had the pleasure of speaking at an event for our newest partner, EO Atlanta. I was interviewed by Thor Conklin, the host of the Peak Performers Podcast, whose… Listen

Prepare Your Team to Win


A good coach knows that a winning team is made in the offseason. Like a coach, you have to prepare your team—and your business—for success. That’s where… View infographic

Using Backlink Services

By: Bill Wortman

Backlinks can be very important for increasing rankings; however, if done improperly and/or seen as spam, they will lower your overall rank. Most of the companies… 2 minute read

Laziness and Apathy are Customer Service Killers

By: Shep Hyken

Two bad experiences recently highlighted the fact that some people refuse to be flexible because that’s not the easy way out. Such laziness is a customer service killer… 4 minute read


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