Friday 5 for the Week of March 9th, 2015


Watch yourself! This week’s Friday 5 is hotter than Elvis Presley in a sweatsuit.

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Business Mentoring Series — 3 Simple Tips to Reduce Your Tax Liability

with: Fran Tarkenton and Ted Jenkin

“I’ve just got to give more of my profits to the government!” said no business owner. Ever. Ted Jenkin gives 3 tips to help you keep more of your money… Watch episode

Can I Hire My Kids?

by: Ted Jenkin

Learn what you need to do to hire your kids and stay compliant come tax time. Which may solve another problem: how to get your kids to stop asking for money… 3 minute read

Even Home Depot Was Once a Startup

by: Fran Tarkenton

I got to spend several hours talking to Bernie Marcus, founder of Home Depot, and was fascinated by his story. It’s one worth hearing and remembering… 3 minute read

Fran will discuss this article LIVE

today at 1 pm ET.

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[Video] Taproom Coffee — Education as a Marketing Strategy

by: Dan Fontaine

When used properly, education can be a very powerful marketing tool. See how one Atlanta-based startup does it… 4 minute video

Customer Service Tech: The Future is Now

by: Shep Hyken

Remember the first time a restaurant gave you a pager to alert you when your table was ready? It seemed so cool, but today, it’s not such a big deal… 3 minute read

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