Friday 5 for the Week of March 31, 2014


Spring is here and there’s things to be done. So, to save you some time, we bring your the best of the best each week in the Friday 5. Here is what other entrepreneurs are reading, sharing and talking about on this week.

[Video] Embracing Failure

When you decide to be an entrepreneur, failure is part of the territory – especially in the startup world. The key, though, is to learn from those failures… Read more

4 Business Lessons from The Walking Dead

Granted, the situation at your office is (hopefully) a little different from that on the show, but there are still business lessons to be found in the wake of the zombie apocalypse… Read more

Forming a General Partnership

Even if you are starting a business with friends or family, there are some basic steps you will want to take. From business names, to partnership agreements, to licenses and tax IDs, here they are… Read more

What Insurance Policies are Deductible?

As a small business entrepreneur, you probably have a variety of forms of insurance related to your business. The type of policy and the structure of your business can have an effect on which are deductible… Read more

How to Deal with an IRS Audit

Tax season is difficult enough in a normal year, but what are you supposed to do when the IRS comes knocking? Here’s what you should do to deal with an IRS audit… Read more

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