Friday 5 for the Week of March 16th, 2015


This week’s Friday 5 is hotter than the fire we burned our bracket in. Yes. Already.

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Business Mentoring Series: Preparing a Tax Plan for 2015

with: Fran Tarkenton and Ted Jenkin

The early months of the year are always a great time to put a good plan in place for the next year’s taxes. Ted Jenkin shares some tips on this week’s episode of the Business Mentoring Series… Watch episode

You’re Going to Lose Some Facebook Likes — Don’t Take It Personally

by: Harry Kierbow

At the beginning of March Facebook announced on their blog that they would begin the process of removing likes from inactive accounts on business pages. Here’s what you need to know… 3 minute read

When Can You Deduct Meals and Entertainment Expenses?

by: Ted Jenkin

The IRS has two general rules they lay out for taxpayers to see if your meals and entertainment expenses pass the ‘smell’ test. See what they are and if your expenses meet the standard… 3 minute read


[Video] Taproom Coffee — Crowdfunding

by: Dan Fontaine

Jonathan Pascual was faced with one of the most common startup problems — finding funding. See how he used crowdfunding‬ as both a funding source and an initial marketing campaign… 6 minute video

5 Tips to Keep Your Background Checks Compliant

by: Michael Klazema

Putting together a background check process that is thorough, effective, and efficient is a challenge under any circumstances. These 5 tips will help make sure you don’t land in hot water… 5 minute read

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