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Do You Accept Mobile Payments? 4 Reasons to Start

Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) systems are booming. What used to be a niche product is quickly reaching not just big businesses, but the heart of the small business marketplace. According to Business Insider, total mobile payments in the United States last year totaled $30 billion—that’s billion with a “b.”Read more

Consultant’s Corner: Using Interns

In order to engage workers as unpaid interns rather than employees, a business generally has to establish an internship program that takes advantage of the trainee exception to the minimum wage and overtime requirements under the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act, which isn’t possible for every business… Read more

It’s the Little Things That Count

In a recent study, 55% of customers surveyed said they would pay more for a better customer service experience. Don’t take the impact of fantastic customer service lightly… Read more

Setting Up Your First Location

Small business owners have a range of options when it comes to setting up a physical location. It can be a complicated decision and finding the optimal spot can take significant amounts of time and planning. After all, options range from the home office all the way up to a manufacturing plant… Read more

Business Mentoring Series: Managing Cash Flow with Lara Hodgson

No matter how much you try to plan and control your business, the unexpected still strikes and cash flow is affected by all kinds of things outside your control. When this happens, you have to have the right dollar at the right time for the right use to maintain your growth. Not every dollar is equal, and what you need to do will dictate where the money should come from… Watch preview


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