Friday 5 for the Week of July 6th, 2015


4 Keys to Entrepreneurial Independence

By: Fran Tarkenton

Entrepreneurship is all about declaring your independence and boldly stepping into the unknown. We start businesses to be our own boss, and to pursue our own dream instead of following… 6 minute read

Best of Business Mentoring: Supporting New Entrepreneurs with Jim Flannery

With: Fran Tarkenton and Jim Flannery

Jim Flannery, the Project Director of the Four Athens incubator, provides information, guidance, and assistance to help entrepreneurs develop their ideas, build the relationships… Watch previews

Small Biz Stories: Who and When to Hire

By: Dan Fontaine

The hiring process is different for every business. Simms Jenkins of BrightWave Marketing says that while experience has helped with identifying who to hire, knowing when to hire… 4 minute video

Can Local Small Businesses Benefit from Mobile Optimization?

By: Deborah Sweeney

Mobile optimization has become a hotly talked-about subject since Google announced its latest “Mobile-Friendly” algorithm change earlier this year. Sites that are mobile responsive… 4 minute read

How to Be a Resilient Entrepreneur

By: Edwin Bevens

Every business has its ups and downs, and every entrepreneur will have to overcome obstacles and work through adversity. When you hit that tough time, you need resilience to power through… 4 minute read

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